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Regiments / 45th Brigade
« on: May 23, 2015, 07:16:47 pm »
45th Brigade

The 45th brigade are a small regiment looking for new members everyday.  We have 2 generals who share out the jobs equally.  We are a friendly regiment who look  out and respect each other.  We have our own teamspeak server ""  We also have a server on mount and blade called "45th brigade server"  We have a steam group called "45th Brigade"  We have a website called ""  We have training sessions every Sunday and a line battle on Saturdays at 19:00 GMT.  The only rules we have are that you respect your officers and the other rankers and do what you are told to do.  If you would like to join the 45th Brigade then add "[45th] ddavies12" on steam.  Below is one of our regiments twitch videos.

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