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Name: Superb Pedro
GUID: yes
Steam link:yes
Do you want to be a captain?:no
Would you be willing to take a leadership role if you are drafted into League 2?: no
Do you accept and agree to all of the rules?:yes

are you actually seriously going to make us play in new years?

don't you have a family?

Mom I cant come to Christmas because I gotta win Season 2 of NW

Sorry moma...

Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / Re: NA Groupfighting League Thread
« on: September 21, 2022, 10:38:54 pm »
In-game Name: Mikey
GUID: 1335082 
Availability: Most days we straight
Captain:(Y/N/M) Yes
Time for GVT to finally get its gold it deserves
that signature is golden

Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / Re: NA Groupfighting League Thread
« on: September 17, 2022, 05:45:20 am »
In-game Name:Superb_Pedro
GUID: i forgot
Captain:(Y/N/M) n
dead gmae

special ed lunch table fight

god this server is dead

Name - ppedro
Steam - pedroy
Are you gonna be there -ya

Name: Superb*Pedro
Steam Link: u got it
Would u be a cpt?:nopo
Would you like to be on the Admin team (ranking players and overall administration)?:nop
Do you accept the rules?:yay
ID: idk

Name: Superb*Pedro
Steam Link: u got it
Are you open to being a captain?: never
Are you interested in helping ref/moderate/manage?: never
Will you read and accept the rules before the league starts (once posted)?: yes

Took Goomba a whole 2 days to write a novel covering nothing new.
I mean it's an argument you brought up points which I disagreed with and attacked with my own, nothing new needed to be added to this conversation. I understand why you would want more information though because at this point there is nothing left for you to use as ammo for your argument.

Also, it didn't take "2 whole days" to write my response, but keep trying to get those rhetorical wins bucko they are the only thing you have to keep your ego intact

Are you ok? Seems like someone is desperate for validation.
Validation from who? I'm arguing with you because I think you're being a whiny dumbass. I would do the same if anyone else was saying the same things you are and I think my history shows that.

Coming from the guy who picks fights simply to fill the void in his miserable life, this is virtually a compliment. Please continue to reiterate your exact same points again and again and call it ‘arguing’.
I don't know how you think you have any leg to stand on when you literally won the award for being the most toxic player in our community. Sounds like a lot of projection to me.

Also, I'm not really sure how I've reiterated the same points again and again as you say. We've only really laid out our arguments on a very surface level and have not gotten to go any deeper into it because you haven't made a proper rebuttal to my previous long post. You saying that I'm just rehashing the same points over and over comes off as you trying to dodge the actual argument.

Remember your rule Goomba: No buzzwords. And I could literally copy-paste my original post in response to your most recent attempt to bash your head into a wall and call it reasoning.
Never said you couldn't use them but if you are going to, at least use them correctly. And if my reasoning was so flawed you would be pointing it out but instead, you keep deflecting and running from the argument.

Who's deflecting? I told you to refer to my original post if you're going to rephrase the same retarded argument over and over until the sun implodes. If you want a response, give me something new to respond to.
You want something new to respond to because you haven't engaged with what is already on the table? Sounds a lot like running away to me dude.

@Xethos if you're the only one that browses the forums in hidden mode it kinda defeats the purpose of using it just thought I'd point that out.

I responded in detail, and you spent 2 days just to repeat the exact same thing. It's literally pointless to argue with you if you won't actually expand upon it.
And I responded to you in detail and you haven't said anything since. I'm ready to expand on it but I'm waiting for you to actually provide counter-arguments and explanations to my claims.

Did you forget your special helmet today? You've added nothing new, therefore I'm adding nothing new. Get it through your skull and provide me with something actually expansive to which I can respond.
I didn't think I would have to hold your hand through this but okay here we go

Claim: You don't actually care about the fact that the trade went through after the deadline had ended because you would still be on here talking about how it was unfair and Waste is throwing the league

Your response:......

Question: Why are you still convinced Risk acted in bad faith when he came back and extended the deadline for all other captains

Your response:......

Claim: Waste isn't trying to throw the league because sometimes teams that look good or bad on paper can over and underachieve and since his team was literally 0-3 so he had nothing to lose by experimenting with his lineup. Combine this with the fact that Waste would have no reason to help Risk and your claim becomes less likely.

Your response:.......

Question: How was I trying to gaslight you?

Your response:.......

Claim: If the only reason you cared about Risk being traded is because he was hosting the league then you have to contend with the parts of my original argument that you called a strawman

Your response:.....

lmaooo. become my english teache, pls

Name: Superb*Pedro
Steam link: u got me
Do you want to be a captain?:no
Would you be willing to take a leadership role if you are drafted into League 2?:no
Do you accept and agree to all of the rules?:ya

Name: Superb*pedro
GUID:u got it
Do you want to be a captain?:no
Do you accept and agree to all of the rules?:yes

Player Name: Superb*Pedro
Honor Pledge to not be a Troll or be toxic: idk im literally retarded
Link to steam: u got it

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