Why Donations?

We're asking for Donations because we see it as an opportunity to get players involved in the
development of the game. Players can see how a game is developed, can see all the steps
behind it and can take an exclusive look behind the scenes. Additionally, Donators can actively
take part in the development and change the game to their liking!

We have been working on Battle Cry of Freedom since quite some time. We actually wrote
down our first ideas after the release of Napoleonic Wars. Shortly after, we slowly started
development while patching Napoleonic Wars. In order to make the game of our, and hopefully of
your dreams, we depend on you!

We do not only need the financial support to continue the development further, we also need
your ideas and suggestions to make the game as good as possible. For that we made a special Board,
only visible to Donators. In this Board, you will be able to directly discuss the game with
the Developers, suggest features and vote for the gameplay you want to see. Whatever you
want to see in the game, we will make it for you!

What we will use the money for:

  • Software Licenses :
    We are currently missing a lot of Software that we need to create our game. Sadly,
    Software is not cheap and working with free to use Software is not always Ideal.

  • Music :
    Good Historically accurate music is very important for our game and because
    of that we are going to record more than 90 Civil War songs played on various
    instruments such as a fife a drum and even a fiddle.

  • Background Music :
    We need to license background music. Especially background music is very
    expensive and hard to get. There are not many Civil War artists around, finding
    and licensing the available tracks will not be cheap.

  • Voice Acting :
    To achieve total immersion in our game, we will be recording all kinds of sounds from
    the good old rebel yell to the cries of wounded soldiers.

  • Sound Design :
    Since we are making our game completely from scratch, we also need to record
    tons of sounds. For that we need to buy the necessary equipment and/or hire sound
    designers to help us recording all the necessary sounds.

  • Historical Accuracy :
    To make sure that anything in our game is as historically accurate as possible,
    we need to buy tons of books and old manuscripts. If we get enough donations,
    we might even consider flying over to America and visiting the battlefields ourselves!

  • 2D Art :
    Since our Team only consists out of four guys, we can not make everything ourselves.
    2D Art for example (i.e. loading screens etc.) is really important for our game.

  • Polishing :
    Any Donations will be invested into refining the game even further and adding tons of new features.

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