Developer Blog 9

Hello and welcome back to another dev blog, this week we will talk about a new addition to the team and showcase some of the 3d assets we have created to swell our library of scene props.

First of all, let me all introduce you to a new member of our team, Julian “Rycon” Farrugia has joined the team part-time to help with the development of our 3d assets. He will strengthen our team in the art department by working on scene props which transform our game world from a blank empty terrain into a believable battlefield, drawing you in with an immersion only seen in our work. We take pride in the effort we put into this, as it means paying attention to the details which range from the scratches you find on your rifle, to the pots and pans in your camp, and even the pipe your officer is so fond of smoking!

Now we know you all appreciate the eye candy, so here are some samples of his work for you to feast your eyes on:

We have also been working hard on creating the very interesting and not at all ordinary scenery commonly associated with American battlefields; roads, fences and cornfields. Not all of our work is to do with explosions and muskets! But as we know how enthusiastic you all our about fences, wooden ones, er, slightly darker wooden ones, and yeah *cough* we thought we would share some pictures with you.
Please note: Talking about fences probably won’t do you any favours in any romantic setting.

Furthermore we hired Andrea Giachini, a young Italian composer who made some truly epic music for us, as such we are proud to present you with the soundtrack for Battle Cry of Freedom!

Thank you all for tuning in this week, and have a good one.
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