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Welcome back to the weekly delve into Battle Cry of Freedom’s development! This week we would like to talk to you a little about some more of our atmospheric and aesthetic assets.

As you know, one of our main concerns for Napoleonic Wars, and one that has carried on into our new Project Battle Cry of Freedom, is that of historical accuracy. We don’t just claim that and put in some random props, we mean it. So this means you will not only be seeing correct uniforms, weapons and battlefields, you will also be hearing proper voice acting and authentic music from the period.
To produce the music assets we have hired Mark Beecher, who is a very talented musician who has created some wonderful sounds for us.
Feel free to check out the two drum beats below to judge for yourself!

The General:

Quickstep - Biddy Oats:

Mark also took the time to write a short description of each:

“Here are a couple of Drum Tracks, from the book The Drummers' and Fifers' Guide by George B. Bruce and Daniel D. Emmett (New York 1862), which was widely used throughout the Civil War. The 2 selections are The General ("Is to be beat only when the whole army is to march, and is the signal to strike the tents and prepare for departure")and Quickstep - Biddy Oats.”

Thanks again for your patience and support, progress is being made and we are really starting to see it all fitting together. We are also looking forward to the release of the last patch for Napoleonic Wars, so keep your eyes open and be prepared for swashbuckling naval combat!

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