Developer Blog 6

Well its that time of year again folks! Welcome back to our weekly developer blog, and this week, fitting with the festive mood we bring gifts!
We thought it was about time we showed you a little of the work that has been going on in our development cave.

As you know, we here at Flying Squirrel Entertainment are all about realism, this stretches from the weaponry all the way to the massive landscapes themselves. Attention to detail is the most important part of immersion and realism, and so we have a picture for you showing off some scenery.
Please note that all developer blog material is by no means representational of our final product, and we are still in the prototype stage of development, however we feel that these pictures will give you an insight into the amount of care and effort we put into every aspect of our game, our glorious project!

We would also like to say that as we are (almost) normal people too, we do like to spread lights around our cave, buy a plastic tree and pretend we are expecting presents from the world above, so we will be taking a two week break from the developer blogs. This does not mean all work is stopping however, and we look forward to coming back with more developer blogs in the New Year to show you what we have accomplished!

With that all sorted there is only one thing left to do.

We here at Flying Squirrel Entertainment wish you all the very best Christmas, and a fantastic New Year!

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