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Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to our latest Developer Blog, mainly featuring the profile creation menu that our new team member Daniele “DanyEle” Gadler has been working on this last month.

Daniele “DanyEle” Gadler is a young developer who has recently joined our development team as a programmer. You might already know him from Iron Europe, a WW1 modification for our previous game, Napoleonic Wars. Read more about Iron Europe here.

Above you can see a screenshot of our profile creation menu. This brand new profile managing system allows for the dynamic creation and customization of character profiles, putting at the players’ disposal a wide array of haircuts, beards, moustaches and accessories, attachable to several variations of skins and faces.

Since we reckon that character customization was an important asset of our previous game, Napoleonic Wars, where personalisation of your character gave you that extra bit of realism (or fun!) we have decided to expand in this field.

You will be able to customize the looks of your player. For example you are going to be able to play either as white, black, mexican or native american. Additionally, you can adjust the age of your player.

Think of extra additions such as allowing you to adjust your voice pitch or the possibility to change the colour of your skin tone, your hair or beard and moustache. These features add a bit more to the degree of personalization you can have on your in-game character.

At this point, we can state that the alpha testing should begin shortly, and there are really few assets that have yet to be finished for a playable version of the game.

Looking forward to reading your impressions.
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