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Hello all!

First off we would like to apologise for the lack of recent updates. Although it looks ominous when we go quiet it tends to mean our faces are inches away from our screens furiously beavering away bringing BCoF and the newest Napoleonic Wars Patch to life. Anyway we stopped to begin our yearly consumption of carbon based nutrients and realised we had neglected our followers. Prepare to be pleased!

We have a few things to show you today, but to begin we would like to include a couple of rather dashing warriors for your viewing pleasure. Ladies (and gentlemen), feast your optical lenses on our new range of soldiers! Featuring the awesome 1st KGL Hussars, leading the frontal charges and seducing anything with two, four or eight legs!

And for those with a taste for the infantry, enjoy our latest addition to the French army, arriving from Bavaria, it’s the 2. Linien Infanterie Kronprinz Bayern!

While giving you all of these nice new units to brutalise your friends with is pretty fantastic enough, we decided to take a few steps over the awesome line and give you some more. On top of these new units, here is a sneak peak of some of the new ships and boats we have added into the game, and to go along with our new naval scenery. In addition you now also get to roam the sea in fitting outfits with the new Naval Troops for the United Kingdom and France.


All aboard the HMS Neptune!
- Sailor: Keep her afloat, board the enemy, and finish off the Gin!
- Marine: 1st Battalion Royal Marines
- Post-Captain: Command your boat to swift victory on the high seas!


Watch out for the Intrepide!
- Sailor, show those scurvy ridden British scum how to handle the seas!
- Marine, 24e Bataillon des Equipages.
- Capitaine de Vaisseau, Intrepide.

And because that is not enough, we made a couple of new maps, including two brand new Naval Siege maps.

And for those of you who like the good old Feature list, here it is:

New Features
- Added the following new British units; Sailor, Marine and Post Captain.
- Added the following new British units; First Kings German Legion Hussars.
- Added the following new French units; Sailor, Marine and Post Captain.
- Added the following new French units; 2nd Kronprinz Bavarian Infantry.
- Added pirate voices for the British sailors.
- Added a new big Frigate ship scene prop.
- Added a new sailable Sloop.
- Added a new sailable Rowboat.
- Added a new sailable Rowboat with 1 mast.
- Added a new sailable Rowboat with 2 masts.
- Added a new sailable Cannonboat (Can not fire)
- Added a new sailable Rocketboat (Can not fire)
- Added a lot of exciting new maps and map fixes.

New Maps
- Ambush
- Saint’s Isle
- Forest Palisade
- Sjotofta
- Naval Battle

- Fort al Hafya
- Fort de Chartres
- Citadelle Napoleon (Naval)
- Charge to the Rhine
- Siege of Toulon (Naval)
- Fort George
- Fort Bashir
- Fort Nylas
- Fort Brochet

General Changes
- When a unit dies that carries a shovel in his backpack, it will always be dropped on the floor so people can pick it up and use it to remove earthworks that might be in the way.
- When a unit dies that carries a Ramrod in his backpack, it will always be dropped on the floor so people can pick it up and use it.
- Added a extra caption to Internal Admin chat, so you can tell them apart.

Balance Changes
- Reduced the length of the cavalry swords a bit, they had ghostly long range.
- Made all artillery less accurate on long range to balance the powerfull destruction force.
- Reduced the range an explosion would have by 30%, to balance the extremely powerful howitzers and mortars.
- Made cannonballs lose more force on ground hit and bounce less to make them less unstoppable.
- Made pistols some more accurate, it will now really hit within the player visible circle, to balance them, the reload is now slightly slower though.
- Decreased the damage the rifle in melee would inflict, they were more powerful than most real melee weapons
- Increased the Rifle Melee swing animation speed.
- Reduced the health of all medium and heavy horses to balance their classes.
- Made the armor points of the british cavalry helmets to be on par with other factions helmets.
- Removed the blunderbuss from the selection for russian dragoon cavalry they were too powerfull for that class.
- Boats respawn much faster now.
- Changed several maps to make them more balanced.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug with some rocks uses in maps that were not having a collision mesh which allowed people to hide in.
- Fixed all collision meshes for trees, should now not block bullets on wrong places, and some trees were walk through, now not anymore.
- Fixed collision mesh for the sandbags which will now block bullets on the right places and not in thin air.
- Fixed collision mesh of the couch so it won't block bullets in thin air.
- Fixed that when you switch your weapon to melee you would walk slower.
- Fixed all cases that some ranks and some units were running faster or slower than others.
- Fixed several bugged collision meshes.
- Fixed several bugs on maps.
- Fixed a bug in the admin panel that it sometimes selected the wrong player, or does not work at all when clicking a player.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the prussian guard drummer to ride horses.
- Fixed a glitch that allowed you to teleport into a building by playing a piano from it’s backside.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed you to play two tunes at once as a musician.
- Fixed a bug in siege that some doors are reversed, can be walked through when closed and so on.
- ze_treasure prop will now always give out pirate hats to the user.
- Fixed a bug that spawned birds randomly on all custom maps.

Client patch: (Needs 1.000 installed!)

Client full installer:

Module system:

Dedicated server files:

Thats all folks, rejoin us next time for more news from the battlefield!
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