Developer Blog 13

Welcome back to our 13th Developer Blog. This week we are going to show you some of the artillery pieces we have been working on.

The 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle was a reliable, accurate and fast firing gun, which could shoot all kinds of ammunition, from normal roundshot to shells and canister. Even though the Confederate version of the gun was not as good as the Federal, it was still the second most common artillery piece throughout the war. With an effective range of 1830 yards, it can hit almost anything on the map, without the need to reposition itself. It will be available for both USA and CSA.

The 10-Inch Seacoast Mortar was one of the most widely used guns during the American Civil War. Due to its rather large size and heavy barrel, it was not used as field gun but as stationary heavy artillery piece in forts. The 10-Inch Seacoast Mortar fired 98 pound mortar shells over a range of 4500 yards. This made the gun a very effective weapon against enemy positions.

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