Developer Blog 11

Hello and welcome back to the eleventh Developer Blog! This week we have mainly been working on scenes and we will present you some first screenshots of our first map today.

While the First Battle of Bull Run, also known as First Battle of Manassas, was not the largest or the most important Battle of the American Civil War, it still was the first major Battle of the American Civil War and up to that point, the largest battle in American History.

It is one of the most known battles in American history which is one of the reasons we chose to make a map for it. The map is going to be 3.5 kilometers in diameter and it will feature several well known landmarks of the battlefield such as the Old Stone House, still visible today. Speaking of which, here is a screenshot of the Old Stone House which was used as hospital during, and after the battle.

The second screenshot shows the Robinson House, a small house that was owned by the Robinson Family. It took no major part during the actual battle, but it was very close to the battlefield and a small wooden bridge. Whoever gains control of the Robinson House, will also gain control of the bridge.

Thank you for reading the eleventh dev blog and see you next week!
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