About Battle Cry of Freedom

Here you are able to read more about our planned features and the games concept. This site will be updated frequently and new concept art and text will be added while the games development goes on.

Basic Description:

Battle Cry of Freedom, brings brutal real-time first and third person combat set in the 19th Century America, presenting players with the opportunity to re-fight the American Civil War as either the Union or the Confederates. A wide range of Troop Types, ranging from the common soldiers to musicians and artillery, all with their own purpose and tasks. Also make sure to check out our FAQ here.

Core Planned Features:

  • Massive multiplayer battles with 500+ players.

  • Historically accurate representation of the Confederate and the Union troops, Uniforms and weapons.

  • A wide range of artillery pieces ranging from field cannons to mortars, capable of firing explosive shells, all fully controllable by players

  • Deploy Barricades, trenches and even explosives with the Engineer class.

  • Special musician units with drums, fifes, fiddles or trumpets, able to play historically accurate tunes; all recorded and played by award winning musicians

  • Real Civil War background music

  • A broad selection of warcries such as the rebel yell.

  • Integrated 3D voice chat

  • A completely destructible environment. Players can destroy anything, bottles, fences and even buildings.

  • A selection of historically accurate maps, such as the Battle of Gettysburg, Antietam etc.

  • An advanced melee system.

Detailed Descriptions:

Planned base gamemode
Instead of selecting a game mode, a map, and factions, you choose an engagement. Each one has a historical set up in terms of map, factions, units available and objectives. The objectives are a set of goal each side has to complete in order to win the map, and they vary from mission to mission to give the game greater diversity. The game has respawns to better simulate the large scale battles of the era.

Regiment-based gameplay
Players are assigned to certain Regiments/squads. Players in the same Regiment will (re)spawn close to each other. Each Regiment will also get its own objective (that updates, of course). Some Regiments might have the same objective at the same time, but they might update differently. This will make the game more teamplay focused, since you have a set of teammates with which you are to complete a certain objective.

What it is
The engagement will be a battle, or a part of a battle, in which each side try to complete a certain set of goals, all historically based. The first side to complete its goals wins.

The goals will vary from engagement to engagement and will generally, but not necessarily always, differ depending on which side you are on. Examples of goals could be to hold a position for a certain time, to capture a position or to destroy something.

The engagements will be based on a variety of different interesting historical engagements of the ACW.

You spawn with, or close to, your squad. How close you can spawn depends on your side’s zone of control. Your zone of control is a dynamic area between “your” edge of the map and the location of your squads. If both sides have squads in the same area it will not belong to anyone’s zone, and how close you can spawn depends on how many troops your side has in the area compared to the enemy. Squads operating behind enemy lines might not be able to get any reinforcements at all (or rather, all reinforcements would spawn on the “wrong” side of the enemy).

Obstacles play a major role on maps. Obstacles like fences, walls and destroyed bridges cannot easily be crossed. For example, climbing over fences will make you very vulnerable.

Everything in the game is destructible. Small objects can be destroyed by normal firearms and swords, medium objects can be destroyed by several firearm hits and sword hits and large objects can be destroyed by artillery. Destroying objects has a large impact on gameplay. Since the battlefield is constantly changing, players have to find new tactics to reach their goals. Players have to think and to adjust their tactics every time they play a map.

Capture points/Goals
Goals for maps can be different on each map. Most likely it would be a goal to capture/defend a certain position or to destroy an enemy position, artillery position etc. But goals can also be dedicated to squads. For example, a sniper squad might get the goal to kill an enemy officer or a artillery squad might get the goal to give supporting fire.

Concept art

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