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As long as their is progress even if its a bit slow, and we see new content i think its all fine, we cant really rush these things because, the attention to detail and fixing bugs and so on would be missing if we were to do so.

Do you have Docm30's permission to be releasing this?

In Development / Re: Irish War of Independance in development
« on: July 20, 2017, 04:33:40 am » are telling us that you haven't formed up a mod team yet? i usually have a little bit of hope for people who even try to make their Mod page looks good on the forum, but you literally didnt even bothered showing your plans and features,... i dont mean to be rude but... what exactly can you do?

Skins & OSP Resources / Re: Fix Prussian 8.
« on: July 15, 2017, 08:34:24 am »
I don't see any problem with the blankets on the infantry. What soldier doesn't want a T H I C C blanket for nap time?

The reason is because it covers the soldier from cavalry attack from sabre's or lancer's which is why often in battle you see it being worn ( that and the fact if you leave it be somebody might nick it) but there was a video from some Prussian Reenactor ( cant remember when or where) that explains the full usage of these thick and solid blanket rolls, it decrease the chance of you being stabbed, because it means the sword or lance or bayonet will have to go through 4 layers of item before it stab the human body, not to mention sometimes these things have a leather cover aswell.

in fact often times i see illustration where they would try make the roll very thick even if it shorten the lengtht of the cover, it still kept your chest and stomach from being stabbed, sometimes i do wonder in a combat situation where a Prussian Regiment face off with  french one, how would a bayonet work when both side have two things that does the same defence

In Development / Re: [NW][M] The War on Terror
« on: June 26, 2017, 09:22:33 pm »
Quick update, we will not be doing tanks, instead all cav will be removed, and the cav selection will be converted to 'Ceremonial' Uniforms  examples below:


But why? They dont fit at all in my opinion. This mod is about battles afterall, not parades, no?

Yes, but also some new maps will be the afterwards, so it makes it more fun, like the 1800's a Guardsman in a bearskin fighting in the desert against ISIS

Even thought during the 1800's no Guardsman in the desert wore a Bearskin.

In Development / Re: Crimean war (1854-1855) mod
« on: June 26, 2017, 06:15:06 pm »
Thank you!
Now I'm working on the Malakhoff Tower scene and trying to fix some issues via module system, so there are no new screenshots yet, but the work goes on:)

Here is a couple of screemshots of work in progress (showing some of issues, which I'm trying to fix)

Bravo! Bravo! very good job! say, will you add Ingermanlaand Laandski Hussars who were at Balaclava?

Well that sounds really great and awesome but you don't have to post this on my page so please stop i mean you have your own page to announced this and plus why would you wait for Mexican American war mod to be finished or unfinished/cancelled to release or finish working on your thing.

Please have respect with the mod developers and team working on this mod, it is still in development although it is slow that doesn't mean is dead.

Calm down, there is no need to be rude, its just that your last progress was a long time ago people presume its dead, all Hinkel is trying to do is showing that hey all hope aint lost, it isnt exactly the same thing but its somewhat the same, he didnt mean to discredit your mod or promote his mod its not even out yet he said himself and i quote "Its not that I am using this thread as advertising"

The only reason he is doing it or waiting for a mod of the same time period to be dead so that it doesnt have competition and the mod can be more well known that way, i mean when people think of American Revolutionary war they think of Whigs and Tories, Civil war : North and South ( some i think Highwater mark or whatever the name of the mod was) and Franco Prussian war : Blood and Iron, he is doing it out of respect for you, so that when he does release, whatever you are going to release wont go in vain for people wont have to choose 2 mods of the same time period( not exactly the same but you get what i mean).

Skins & OSP Resources / Re: Modern Leaders Banners
« on: June 20, 2017, 09:39:20 am »
No, not OTTOMAN, Kemal ATTATURK was against the OTTOMAN idea he was the father of Secular Turkey, Attaturk was the person who brought Turkey out of the Ottoman Empire with the Young Turks....

EDIT: There aint no such thing as Ottoman Turkey..

In Development / Re: [NW][M] The War on Terror
« on: June 20, 2017, 09:31:25 am »
You haven't answered my question, even when i asked in a more polite ( not as polite but..mehh) this mod of yours, how do you aim to do things with it?

Skins & OSP Resources / Re: Modern Leaders Banners
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:23:06 am »
"Modern leaders" i dont exactly know your definition of one, but you put Erdogan and Attaturk even thought they are from diffrent time periods, i guess you can call Attaturk father of Modern Turkey, can do the same with Bismarck, why not put Bismarck in aswell? seeing you put Attaturk and Erdogan, you can put Merkel and Bismarck.

In Development / Re: [NW][M] The War on Terror
« on: June 15, 2017, 07:29:05 pm »
Do me a solid, i wont think so negatively of your " mod" or " idea" if you tell us how you are going to tackle the whole Automatic weapons problem, and how do you plan to make the animation? what about 3d Models? how do you plan to change the HORSES into tanks? a mod called Parabellum tried to change the Horse into an armored car, but that itself looks buggy and forced.

DID YOU THINK ALL THESE THROUGH? i admit it i was being very rude when addresing to you the problem you are about to encounter or how this idea is folly, and i apologize for my behavior but you tell me how you are going to tackle these problems, you dont gain support from making an idea and telling people what they want to hear, if that was the case then fucking Iron Europe would have added fucking TANKS or GAS or even Dreadnought! you gain support from showing PROGRESS and prove people they are wrong by tackling the problem, what was the reaction to Iron Europe when it first came out? " How the fuck is submachinegun or machinegun going to work with this shit", but once they show progress aka 3d models or scripting or animation people kind of think " Wow these guys are good at what they are doing so i probably shouldnt worry" because there is PROGRESS to make up for all that folly talk, which as we all now is now a REALITY.

Tell me.

Regiments / Re: The Scots Guard
« on: June 15, 2017, 07:14:08 pm »

We have the name but for me, is not a problem, but maybe you can use an another tag like :


Because, for example, the tag of my regiment is : ScotsGuards_Rank_Name
So, if you don't want any misunderstanding, avoid the same tag (not for me but for the organization of event or other, one never knows)

you disbanded and you just reformed today, i think it's not him but you who's wrong

We have been reforming for over two weeks. This post made me think to update its my thread FSE

Actually, its is Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in the Crimea and beyond ( probably the one with the yellow cuffs is around 1860 or 1870 ish).

Regiments / Re: 1-i Yegerskii polk [NA/ EU] *Recruiting*
« on: June 15, 2017, 06:51:52 pm »
You have a picture of British Riflemans, and you spelled 1y into 1i, do me a favour sir, do your research before you start anything like this, otherwise Good luck to you.

Regiments / Re: The Madras Regiment [EU] - Indian Brigade
« on: June 15, 2017, 06:49:09 pm »
Well yes, they are used, but from the information i gathered the Ranks orginated way bay before the Raj actually, during Both Mughall and the Raj, these Ranks prove visible up to the Western Front 1917.

But i only know so much of this topic.

Regiments / Re: The Madras Regiment [EU] - Indian Brigade
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:40:17 am »
Good luck! just a few heads up, the ranks you use is currently inaccurate, i tested using Google translate and find that all those ranks are from Google Translate its like writing Quartermaster in Indonesian for example which would be Kuartermaster Sersan even thought that is not an actual rank, the real rank would be this

- Sepoy ( Privates)

- Lance Naik ( Lance Corporal)

- Naik ( Corporal)

- Havildar ( Sergeant)

Now this is actally Viceroy's Commisioned officers
These are Indians or Punjabs commisioned into being Officer's or " Native Officers" they only had command of NATIVE troops only they are a bit like liason
- Jemadar ( ???)

- Subedar ( ???)

Subedar Major ( ???)

British Officer's:

Second Leftenant

First Leftenant



Lt. Col


Please if you have more information help me correct it, but again, good luck.

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