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Since the last melee "book" was an utter let down and failure, I have decided to make my own.

Part 1: Dueling


To avoid getting stunned: Instead of using  S key to not get stunned, you want to use W + A/D or A/D , and you want to go at an angle that will put you away from the opponent as fast as possible.
If someone was sidestepping you with the D key, then you would use the keys W + D, and go at an angle away from him to not get stunned. Same thing with if someone is A keying you.

To get stuns: To stun the enemy, you need to follow their movement, keep them in front of you, not be circling. What you do is hold the opposite key of whatever they are holding. So if they are holding the D key, you will be holding the A key, and vice versa. When you go in for the stun though you just hold W key into them and stun like normal.

Side stepping: To sidestep the enemy, you have to be positioned on their outside shoulder, and the enemy has to either be holding W key, or the same key that you are planning to sidestep with, so if they are holding the D key, you have to hold the D key and look at the enemy, this is important you have to continuously follow the enemy with your mouse while sidestepping.



How to kick accurately: If you want to kick accurately you can't be moving, so you have two options to do that, one you can just take your hands off the keys, wait a split second, then kick, or you can Tap S key to stop instantly after holding the W key, and then kick. You can't be moving and kick accurately.

Kicking after you attack: A good way to get a kick hit is to kick after you attack, this works well against players that side step or facehug. Just get real close when you stab, take your fingers off the keyboard, aim your mouse and kick that's it. When doing this move  though your enemy can't be attempting a stun or chamber or else they will stab you first before your kick hits. Thus is why you shouldn't down stab when doing this, instead you should use a up attack hold, as up attacks are rarely chambered, and most people won't try to stun an up hold.

Turkish kicking: If you have 65+ ping you can block down while kicking, best way to use this is to get into a chamber battle with the enemy then all of a sudden kick, there's no risk in it as you can easily just downblock the down stab if you miss the kick.

Kicking after you land a hit: Sometimes after you  land a hit, your enemy won't move, but will be stunned, if you are quick enough, and in the right position, you can kick them and finish them off.



Hard to read but safe feints: This is easy, just look straight down  as far as you can go and feint as quick as you can, these feints are very hard to read and you are very safe when you doing these because you can still watch out for down spam.

Feint combos: Most of the good players have combinations of feints they use to test a player if they can block well. They do not just randomly feint. A common combo, would be down feints followed up by an up attack while facehugging the opponent.

Facehugging: Facehugging makes your feints harder to read.

Straight up feints: Straight up feints are hard to read, but still not as hard to read as the straight down feints, these feints normally can only land a hit ending on a down spam, very rarely will a straight up feint land a hit when ending on an upstab.

High sensitivity feints: Turn up the sensitivity as high as you can, then while feinting just flick randomly from side to side, anywhere basically.


I'll finish this shit tomorrow.

The Mess Hall / Unban BillTheButcher 2017
« on: June 17, 2017, 04:08:31 pm »
Who else thinks ban should be lifted for him?

The Mess Hall / The perfect dueling style
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:21:12 pm »
This style is designed to minimize risk as much as possible.

Attacks used: Block chamber

In this style, you are not feinting, spamming, chamber battling, none of that. Because that opens you up, and you can get hit and die. You are just blocking, and if you get the chance, block chamber the opponent, if you don't get the block chamber, you cancel the attack and go back to blocking.


If you have 65+ ping, and are feeling risky, you can S key and turkish kick during a chamber battle.

Regiments / TGR - The GOAT Regiment [Recruiting]
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:28:32 pm »
The best of the best.

Current Roster:


Newspaper Boy: Glenn

List of players that are permanently banned forever from joining:

Following players incapable of joining due to being weeaboo:
Major Jakester
Captain Thuran

2Lt TaxL
2Lt Conway
Serjeant Major Just_Tyrone

  Serjeant Atrezi
 Serjeant Mdargon

 Corporal Narwhal
 Coproal KingAoE123
 Lance Corporal Mark Slater
 Lance Corporal Truth
 Lance Corporal KingAoE123
 Lance Corporal Irish
 Lance Corporal Zarovich
 Lance Corporal PyromaniacOrk

 Regular Monti
 Regular Zeysh
 Regular SS_BodyGuard
 Regular 48lowes
 Regular Pompous Maori
 Regular Sorin
 Regular Morthos
 Regular TheBaker
 Regular Jappen
 Regular Richardsteel
 Private Crazykid
 Private EhGamer96
 Private AdolfHitlerBinLaden "Pueblo"
 Private Carter
 Private GrapeJoose
 Private Zinq
 Private Moose
 Private Blade
 Private Spacer
 Private Acasius
 Private Tarmech Sadamer
 Private Noobman
 Private smithb1992
 Private Mikey
 Private Underground
 Private Lukas
 Private Whatusay
 Private Tatl
 Private Bluenose
 Private Green
 Private MasterAtArms
 Private Artoxa
 Private TacoTuesday
 Private Pitcho
 Private Zjug
 Private Brazic
 Private Retterkl
 Private Karolus
 Private Wilhelm
 Private TerraSquirma
 Private Vald3mar
 Private Gunn
 Private Bandit
 Private Ronan
 Private Clive
 Private Voodoo
 Private Lukas
 Private Underground
 Private Mikey
Colour Serjeant Lawbringer
 Lance Serjeant Maple
Grenadier BabyJesus
 Grenadier Krastinov
 Grenadier Horse
 Grenadier Horse

 Kingsman Grizlembear
 Kingsman Fubble
 Kingsman matlord
 Kingsman Mikey
 Kingsman Montoya
 Kingsman Mexicant
 Kingsman Ghostpig
 Kingsman Prozn
 Kingsman Candee
 Kingsman Taehyun
 Kingsman Acasius
 Kingsman GokuTheKiller
Second Lieutenant Macbeth
Cornet Inoua

 Corporal of Horse Abstract
 Corporal of Horse Huddy
 Corporal of Horse Shalo
 Corporal of Horse Chinatown
Lance Corporal of Horse Aqualung
 Lance Corporal of Horse Bungholio
 Lance Corporal of Horse Wreckem
 Lance Corporal of Horse Thornor

 Veteran Cav WitcherKing
 Veteran Cav Willyjoe
 Veteran Cav Iain
 Veteran Cav Patrick
 Veteran Cav Kalos
 Veteran Cav Hey
 Veteran Cav Azov
 Veteran Cav Brandon
 Veteran Cav Absol
 Veteran Cav Raider
 Veteran Cav Nikolai
 Veteran Cav Flororbook
 Veteran Cav George

 Hussar Jagbrat
 Hussar Meatloaf
 Hussar Selic
 Hussar Elias
 Hussar Nick
 Hussar Paladin
 Hussar Shrooms
 Hussar Kappa
 Hussar Handley
 Hussar Ryder
 Hussar Decimus
 Hussar Senor Krabs
 Hussar Kaizer
 Hussar Bling
 Hussar Conqueror
 Hussar Kappa
 Hussar Yourgrandaddy
Battery Serjeant Floatednewt
 Battery Serjeant Silentguy876   
 Lance Bombardier Caliber

 Gunner WorstPlayerInNW
 Gunner Muffin
 Gunner WarDaddy

 Canoneer Wolfeman
 Canoneer Gul

 Sapper Regnar "Ragnarok


Failed applicants:

Post application on thread

The Mess Hall / I am Retiring from NW
« on: April 25, 2017, 05:17:07 am »
The GOD is back.

I have talked to thunderstormer and orcaryo both say they did not take down my thread. But during wont reply to any of my PM's so I'm making this thread.

Please explain why my thread was taken it down, it violated NO rules.

Events: NA / *****MATT's 2v2 Melee Tournament*****
« on: March 26, 2017, 05:11:54 am »
MATT's 2v2 Melee Tournament

April 15th @ 9 pm EST


1. This tournament will be single elimination.

2. No Shooting, No Fists.

3. No swords, Only bayonets.

4. Only line infantry.

5. Listen to the organizers/Referees. There calls go. Do not disrespect them or anyone in this tournament.

6. Every match will be first to 5. The final match will be first to 7. (May change depending on players.

7. no trolling will be allowed. Trolling will result in a ban from this event and the server.

8. Have fun!

9. Every team that signs up will be added to the list of players. If someone has a problem with another player address it to me over pm's on fse or on steam.

10. If a team does not respond in 5 minutes of his match being called, it will be a 5-0 forfeit.

11. Date and time may change at any point.

Bracket: TBA

Sign ups

Team Name:
Team Participants:
Steam profile links:
Do you agree to all the rules?:




Participating Teams

Team Name: Sonderkommando Elbe
Team Participants: Dan The Chef, CluelessWill

Servers / Banned from NA public duels
« on: December 28, 2016, 11:55:30 pm »
Username :MATT
Time 5:50 PM EST 12/28/16

What I did?: Was talking highly about myself, talking about how good I was cuz I went 140-43, eh, I deserved the ban now that I think about it. Not sure if its perma or not. Would like to be unbanned because I didn't break any rules was just talking a little too much.

Off Topic / Most jacked NW player?
« on: December 13, 2016, 03:21:08 am »
Pretty sure I am, closest contestant is Vicious, but not quite enough.

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