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M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars / Re: 3e Régiment de Cuirassiers [1 an]
« Last post by Thorvic on Today at 08:34:30 pm »
À quel moment vous êtes-vous dit que cette photo valait la peine d'être postée sur un forum public ? Quelque chose m'échappe là  ::)
Regiments / Re: Regiment List
« Last post by NickyJ on Today at 08:30:56 pm »
- Regiment Name : 79th Bären
- Faction : Königreich Preußen, However If we take historical. Then other
- Class : Cavalry
- Based : NA
- Thread Link :
Regiments will not be added to the list without an FSE thread; Taleworlds threads and Steam group links are not accepted.
Community / Re: Help wanted for upcomming Napoleonic Wars patch
« Last post by usnavy30 on Today at 08:19:59 pm »
A community tailored patch huh? This is really minor but how about the 33rd Regt. of Foot officer using the same stovepipe shako in the troop code as the ranker?
The Mess Hall / Re: How famous is the person above you? Mk. 2
« Last post by Nero_ on Today at 08:17:11 pm »
Events: EU / Re: Pgp Friday Linebattle
« Last post by John Price on Today at 08:15:11 pm »
Regiment name: 18e
Class: Arty or Lights
Expected attendance: 10-15
Steam contact (1st- and 2nd-in-command): -
Do you Agree to the set rules?: Yup
Do you wish to come once or weekly?: We shall see
Delete pls
I'm not quite certain what has become of them but they ight 9.5/10
Community / Re: Help wanted for upcomming Napoleonic Wars patch
« Last post by bobertini on Today at 07:58:52 pm »
Apologies if some of these have been said or commented on,

1) Fix the animation bug (sideblocks etc when you can't see them)
2) Give the models legs,
3) There is a wall which lets you walk through it, (I'll find it soon)

In regards to requests:

- Admins can see both dead and live all chat at all times?
- More than 20 custom maps if possible
- The ability to select a custom map in game instead of having to restart the server etc.
- Teamhitting damage log outputs.

If I can think of more, I'll post some.
M'boy dont even have a reg
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