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The Mess Hall / Re: Football thread v.2
« Last post by Skipper on Today at 11:35:27 pm »
I'm harsh on Spurs as a rule of thumb, haha, given that my family are Arsenal supporters (not myself though, to clarify).

Yeah, I guess going to the Bernabeau and getting a result like that is good, no matter Real's form, and Dortmund are no push over.
War eh klar, dass ihr mir nicht zustimmt xD
Finde auch gut wie ihr zu Infanteriespezialisten werdet obwohl ihr einen Bruchteil der Erfahrung habt die ich habe xD

Hab in der 2Lhr Kav im CNWL Team gespielt und war dort einer der besten (da wo das 2Lhr auch noch wesentlich besser war) :P

Ihr habt einfach ignoriert was ich gesagt habe oder schlichtweg nicht verstanden :P
Als Kavallerist trainiert man von Beginn an mit dem Pferd unterm Hintern, also ist man komplett daran gewohnt und man besteht eben nicht mehr aus  Teilen, sondern aus einem, wenn ihr das immer noch nicht gecheckt habt und so spielt als wären es zwei teile seid ihr einfach baaaad :P
Als Infanterist hingegen muss man auf 5 andere Leute aufpassen, und das trainiert man nicht von anfang an. Nicht ohne Grund kann man ab 1500-2000 Stunden mal davon ausgehen das ein Spieler nicht schlecht ist, in der Kav ist man damit ein Gott xD

Klaar, die Klassen haben unterschiedliche vor und Nachteile, allerdings hat jeder Gegner bei der Infanterie einen leicht anderen Spielstil auf den man sich einstellen muss, und natürlich spielt der Ping eine viel stärkere Rolle da viel mehr Timingabhängig ist als bei Kav.

Wie ist das 2Lhr denn jetzt? Dachte das gibt es nicht mehr?

"hab gespielt"

Bitte gebe den Inhalt der Seite in eigenen Worten wieder. Für sowas hatten wir doch auch Deutsch oder :^)
The Mess Hall / Re: Football thread v.2
« Last post by 4eClausewitz on Today at 11:31:39 pm »
Chelsea would have to pull off a miracle to beat Barcelona. Not only are Barcelona better on-paper anyway, but this season they have *really* performed. They are absolutely dominating in Europe and both the club and Messi have had their best start to a season ever.

Unless Real finally pick up, PSG should win this match too.

Juve will easily beat Spurs. Spurs are the most overrated club this season - their group was no-way-near as bad as everyone made out. The only real threat was Real, who have been absolutely horrendous this season (even losing to Levante at home), with Cristiano only bagging 4 league goals so far this season (2 of which were penalties). Juentus haven't been great - they got demolished by Barcelona in the group stage (then again, Messi this season is absolutely incredible) and in the league Napoli and Inter have been doing pretty good - but, compared to Spurs, it should be a solid win.

Sevilla should be beating United, but have underperformed both domestically and in Europe this season and so likely won't.

Porto and Liverpool is difficult to call.

Asides from that, the others are pretty straight forward.

Think that's a bit harsh on Tottenham to be honest; they have been in the spotlight but you have to remember that Dortmund has not been in shambles all throughout the season - they were on a hot streak at the time when they faced Tottenham and are still a top side on paper. Beating Real Madrid is no small feat either. They were definitely considered underdogs at the time of the draw, so them making it through definitely deserves some recognition. They've got a surprisingly talented squad that plays attractive/entertaining football which is more than you get from the likes of United. I don't think anyone expected the likes of Winks / Llorente / Sissoko to step up to the plate against a side like Real's. I don't think it's all that certain that Juve will win from Tottenham over the course of two legs, considering they have been in arguably worse form than Tottenham. It'll be close but it's definitely not an absolute certainty that Tottenham will get smashed by Juventus.
Does anyone want to play AdventureQuest with me?? :)
Forum Games / Re: Change One Word
« Last post by Coldstreamer on Today at 11:30:31 pm »
how boy
The Mess Hall / Re: Re-name the user above you.
« Last post by Skipper on Today at 11:30:04 pm »
Events: NA / Re: 101st Monday Line Battle
« Last post by Coldstreamer on Today at 11:30:04 pm »
Regiment Name: 3rd 'Scots' Regiment of Foot Guards
Predicted Attendance: 6+
Specialty (if desired): Artillery or skirms..
Leader's Steam link:
Do you plan to attend every Monday: Yes (probably)
The Mess Hall / Re: Football thread v.2
« Last post by Skipper on Today at 11:27:46 pm »
If I recall, the last time Barcelona lost any UCL match in Camp Nou (inc. group stage + knockout rounds) was against Bayern in 2013, pretty impressive.

Plus, Barcelona have yet to lose a match this season in any competition.

Valencia too. I would have loved to see Valencia in UCL this season given how good they are playing.
The Mess Hall / Re: Football thread v.2
« Last post by Oatmeal on Today at 11:19:57 pm »
Don't see Chelsea getting the job done in camp nou
The Mess Hall / Re: Re-name the user above you.
« Last post by ~Midnight~ on Today at 11:10:06 pm »
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