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Community / Re: Neptune Designs - Headers & Signatures
« Last post by ArchWolf on Today at 08:37:32 pm »
Header Title/Text: 4te Saxon Line Infanty
Steam: u got me
Images to use (Preferably put links): just some Saxon line Infantrie guy ( white and blue uniform )
Any Effects (Smoke/Blood/Other): i dont mind
Type of Colours that can be used?: i dont mind
Type of Header (Regiment/Clan/Personal): Regiment ( for Thread )
good luck
Regiments / Re: Infanterie-Regiment No.4 Von Franquemont [NA]
« Last post by Pinoy12 on Today at 08:31:52 pm »
this reg is for straight people ONLY!!!!!!!
Go jump off a bridge you fucking faggot.
General Discussion / Re: BCOF RELEASE DATE LEAKED *totally not clickbait*
« Last post by NiPhix on Today at 08:25:45 pm »
And then next year, then next year, then hopefully in two years.. xdddd

jk. if this is true I'm really curious what it will offer.
Hi, we're looking for lines !

1 light slot and 1 arty slot are available too ;)
What does that even mean?
Ca vas pas trop en retard kennedy x) ?
c'├ętait hier pls  ::)
2019 hype
Guys it's clearly the Netherlands. They got constantly stepped on by other european nations, sometimes they didn't even know it until their face was looking at a bayonet ;)

Duuring is gonna kill me

Still not as shit as Italy... Consdering what the Netherlands were facing we did alright... Well except WWII, the invasion of Germany into the NL that must be one of the most hilarious military strategic blunders in our country's history
When Belgium succeeds in defending their country from a massive German Empire in WW1 but Nethlerlands completely fails the next time around


Can't compare the two at all lol

Stop triggering me as a proud Dutchman
What are you gonna do? Kickbox me?
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