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Events: EU / Re: Napoleonic Wars Fantasy League [NWFL]
« Last post by Sir-Follkas on Today at 06:48:32 am »
I'd call my team a team

The only team without LT players  8)
Servers / Re: NA_Groupfighting |
« Last post by Shine on Today at 06:48:00 am »
The server has been officially updated to the latest patch. Special thanks to Dan the Chef for his help.

Again, if any admin has not already done so, please send me, Label, or Krastinov your GUID so you can be whitelisted.
Forum Français / Re: [Recrutement] Danelaw - Team Vikingr FR
« Last post by Chri-Chri on Today at 06:37:24 am »
Je viens mais mes services sont payant. Je suis très cher bien au dessus des allocs de tes parents, alors tu veux quand même de moi?
Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Hunwald's Ban Appeal
« Last post by Hunwald on Today at 06:22:25 am »
Name under which you were banned: Hunwald

Which official server(s) are you banned from? The NA Official servers (it seems like there are three now.)

What was happening when you got banned? I used a lewd term when protesting the ban of a friend of mine, and was banned for it by Getty.

Did you break any other rules prior to your ban? I believe I was permanently banned by Thunderstormer for having too many infractions. I can only assume I was banned several times for various things, but I don't know if I recall correctly.

Time and date when the account was banned: 8 PM, 10/22/14

Timezone: EST

User Identification Number: 468345

Why should you be unbanned? I was but a boy when I was banned last. A pubescent young man with no room in his frantic mind but for the entertainment of his friends. I graduated high school in 2016 and have attended an institution of higher learning for two years now. It has been long since I found comfort in the joys of NA1; I am grown decrepit. I have nowhere to go, nowhere to go but home. Please find charity within your heart and have mercy upon an old veteran.
Forum Games / Re: New BoP
« Last post by Rhen on Today at 06:16:26 am »
The economy system is simple for one nation. But can you imagine doing that for 10+ Nations every update? That shit is too much. It really sounds like EU4 but the difference is EU4 has a code to do everything while you want to do it all by hand

Would take a couple of minutes per country. It'd take less time than writing long reports where one has to play with words. It's all simple maths and logic.

A has X tax income + X trade income + X resource income - X spent on armies/navies = +/- budget.

In fact, the dice rolls for battles would still be the most extensive part of GMing a system like this because of the phases and required writing. Also, players will have a good enough insight over their own economies (because they need to), so they can help by giving the necessary information and I'll just check if it's correct.
you say that now but if your game does happen you’ll see

So far it hasn't caught the interest of anyone (I think?), but neither have the other suggestions. It's either a more mathematical and logical system or just random numbers and complaining because of things being "unbalanced" (shouldn't have picked Luxembourg, then). And besides, if players helped by giving me the required data for every update, things would go a lot smoother. Anyway, that's all from me.
Krastinov is the only dude left
Community Name: MarxeiL
Name to be used: WorstArgentinianPlayer
Steam Name: you have me
Regiment: 66th
Regiments / Re: Infanterie-Regiment No.4 Von Franquemont [NA]
« Last post by Hawkince on Today at 06:11:20 am »
What's sad is that Old gens think that they can teach us but the New Gens are far superior ??? clearly the old guard school of melee is wearing down from it's inner corruption as infighting tears them apart while the New Gen school of melee has proved itself over and over. Sad day for the NW Community.



when newgens got smashed and put in their place for the next 10 years

IIRC both of our Captains didn't show up? And you guys barely won too with that large of an advantage. Kinda sad :/
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