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Regiments / 38e Regiment d'Infanterie Suisse *New* [Recruiting] [NA/EU]
« on: August 11, 2017, 03:09:06 am »


(Fictional)The 38e was formed as the 5th Swiss Regiment of Napoleon's grand Army founded in 1813.  The regiment was formed to hold Line, Artillery, Calvary, and Skirmish Detachments to Napoleon's much needed numbers.  As such each company in the 38e has trained relentlessly and has been Battle tested in all aspects of war.  Although this has come at much cost of life to the Regiment.  When the Regiment was founded there was over 1500 of us.  There is less than 60 remaining.As with all Regiments when our numbers get to a extreme low number.  Recruits are needed to reinforce and build up the ranks.  As with every soldier in war.  That is why the MarÈchal d¥Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte has issued a decree to rebuild the 38e into it's former glory.

Infantry Ranks


Colonel (Col)
Lt. Colonel (Lt. Col)
Major (Maj)
Captain (Capt)
1st. Lt (Lt)
2nd Lt (2Lt)


Chief Sergeant Major (CSM)
Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)
Sergeant First Class (SFC)
Sergeant (Sgt)
Warrent Officer (W-Officer)
Staff Corporal (SfCpl)
Corporal (Cpl)

Enlisted Ranks

Head Swiss Guard (H-SwissGrd)
Elite Guard (SwissElt)
Guard (SwissGrd)
Private First Class (1stPvt)
Private Second Class (2ndPvt)
Private Third Class (3rdPvt)
Private (Pvt)
Recruit (Rct)
Militia (Mil) Soldiers on Probation


Drummer (DRM)
Piper (PIP)
Fifer (FIF)
Ensign (Eng)
Hornist (Hrn)
Trumpeter (TRP)

Skirmishers Ranks


2nd Leutenant(2ndLt)
Non-Comissioned Officers:
Sergeant Major of Skirmisher(SgtMSk)
Sergeant of Skirmisher(SgtSk)
Corporal of Skirmisher(CplSk)

Enlisted Ranks

Senior Rifleman(SRFL)
1st Hunter(1st Hnt)
2nd Hunter(2nd Hnt)
3rd Hunter(3rd Hnt)

Artillery Ranks


Captain of Artillery (Capt)

Non-Comissioned Officers:

Lieutenant Major of Artillery (LtMaj)
Lieutenant of Artillery (Lt)
2nd Lieutenant of Artillery (2ndLt)
Sergeant Major of Artillery (SgtMaj)


Sergeant of Artillery (Sgt)
Corporal of Artillery (Cpl)
Lance Corporal of Artillery (LCpl)
1st Bombardier (1stBrd)
2nd Bombardier (2ndBrd)
3rd Bombardier (3rdBrd)
1st Gunner (1stGun)
2nd Gunner (2ndGun)
3rd Gunner (3rdGun)
Guard (ArtyGrd)
Recruit (Rec)

Engineer Ranks

Chief Engineer (Chief)
Ensign (Ensign)
Field Engineer (FieldEng)
Engineer (Eng)
Assault Pioneer(Apner)
Pioneer (Pner)
Sapper (Sapper)

Cavalry Ranks

~ Officers

Capitaine (Cpt) - Captain
Lieutenant (Lt) - 1st Lieutenant
Sous-Lientenant (Sous-Lt) - 2nd Lieutenant


Logis Adjudant (Logis-Adt) - Sergeant Major
Logis Chef (logis-Chef) - 1st Sergeant
Logis Fourrier (Logis-Fou) - Quartermaster Sergeant
Logis (Logis) - Sergeant

~ Enlisted

Caporal (Cpl) - Corporal
Brigadier (Brg) - Lance Corporal
Cavalier Première (Cvlr-Prm) - [Cavalry Guard First Class]
Cavalier (Cvlr) - [Cavalry Guard]
Fourrier (Fou) - Quartermaster
Privé Première (Prive-Prm) - Private First Class
Éclaireur (Écr) - Scout
Privé (Prive) - Private
Recrue (Rec) - Recruit

Milice (Milice) - Militia

Mercenaire (Merc) - Mercenary

Active Roster:

All members of the 38e are Line First and Specialty Second

Infantry Roster
Colonel Orcaryo

Guard Ambrose
Guard Phane

Private Rattler
Private Gilroyy4
Private AttilaTheHomo

Recruit Kiloy
Recruit Wombat23
Recruit T0ppy
Recruit Mikey
Recruit Fevanoi
Recruit Samurai
Recruit Leroy
Recruit Panny0
Recruit JBabe
Recruit Jairo
Recruit Banman
Recruit Zanik
Recruit Godspeed
Recruit TalibanKilla

Cavalry Roster

Artillery Roster

Skirmishers Roster

Engineer Roster

-----(LOA) Leave of Absense-------




Orcaryo's Impact Player of The Day

Definitely not Vortex

Contact Info:

Who: OG Mudbone and the NW Community(Even filthy EUs)
What: 1v1 Duel Tournament for some steam stuff that does not exceed $60(So you can get 1 steam game for $60 or 2 steam games that are $30 each etc.)
When: August 11th @ 9 Est
Where: Probably the Chefs Server
Why: Because I wanna blow my money on some annoying NW player
Code: [Select]
Steam link:

All rounds except for semis and finals will be ft5, semis and finals will be ft7

Events: NA / Orcaryo's 7v7 GroupFighting Tournament [NA] 7/16 9 EST
« on: June 08, 2017, 04:35:14 am »
Who:  NW Community(Even filthy EUs)
What: 7v7 Groupfighting Tournament
When: July 16th 2017 @ 9est
Where: My server
Why: Because I will be in California till then
Code: [Select]
Team Name:
Captain Steam:
Players(7 starters/3 subs max):
Will you actually be here?

Ref App:
Code: [Select]
Steam link:
Team Name: REEE
Members: Vortex, Asian, Godfreid, Sleek, Krastinov, Armada, Blood. With Min, Theo, and Liquid as subs.
Do you agree to the rules: Ye
Team Name:[SaintsOfFaint]
Members: Anthony, wall, dodge,Chibbs
Do you agree to the rules: Yeah
Team Name: Leib Grenadiers A Team
Captain Steam:
Players(7 starters/3 subs max): Wastee, RussianFury, Yoshie, NickCole, Jorge, Bill, Rafael, DJOverJoy, Orcaryo
Will you actually be here? yes
Team Name: FKMYASS Groupfighting Team
Captain Steam:
Players(7 starters/3 subs max): Maccle, Pinoy, Marksman, Ritz, Maple, Cade, Tammo, Havoc, Colonys
Will you actually be here? yes
Team Name: Dropping a third nuke might make something even better than anime
Captain Steam: lawb
Players(7 starters/3 subs max): Sanders
Will you actually be here?: Probably
Team Name: We Will 7-0 You
Members: Matt, Oatmeal, Risk, Suns, Voodoo, Anakin, Mattboi
Do you agree to the rules: Yeah
Captain Steam:

Edit: Roster Changes
Team Name: IRA
Captain Steam:
Players(7 starters/3 subs max):
1. Ethan
2. Warfire
3. Shrimp
4. Leo
5. Whalefish
6. Cytiuz
7. Vipe

1. Caleb
2. Clarkboi
3. Hitler
Will you actually be here? should be

For all the NA people

Let the banter commence!

Events: NA / OG Mudbone's 1v1 $60 Steam Game Tournament [TBD]
« on: May 13, 2017, 04:09:11 am »
Who: OG Mudbone and the NW Community(Even filthy EUs)
What: 1v1 Duel Tournament for some steam stuff that does not exceed $60(So you can get 1 steam game for $60 or 2 steam games that are $30 each etc.)
When: June 7th @ 9 Est
Where: Probably the Chefs Server
Why: Because I wanna blow my money on some annoying NW player
Code: [Select]
Steam link:

All rounds except for semis and finals will be ft5, semis and finals will be ft7
DJ Overjoy

Community / A Message From BBG
« on: April 03, 2017, 10:10:56 pm »

BBG Bot Survival NA
EST: April, 2015

Bot Survival has been a consistent, well scripted (Thanks Tachibana!), well-admined Public Server that has provided a fun co-op game style play for the NW community for the past 2 years now.

This game has lost a lot of it's population over the years, and that makes it harder to start up your own regiment and recruit.

Orcrayo and tired have worked through a plan that benefits both the BBG and the NW Community.

We are proud to announce that recruiting for any regiment is now open to the public!


1 recruitment message per regiment per map for non-BBG regiments
1 recruitment message per regiment per round for BBG regiments + one Admin chat message per map

I hope that this brings good will to the NW Community, helps other regiments, helps the BBG and the USMC, makes the server fuller :) , and brings a little more camaraderie to everyone.

We wish you all well

tired and Orcrayo

Events: NA / NA1 Revival Program
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:52:39 pm »
For the majority of time, NA1 has been dead and only gets maybe 1 or 2 players on there every blue moon. Recently however, SillyWilly has done an amazing job of organizing various regiments and players of the community to pop into NA1 every night or so. Some of you may ask "But Orc! 10 people isn't populating a server meant for 200 people!" Righto you are, but this has actually gotten more attention than you think. With just under 500 NW players in the steam group, the server has been reaching around 50+ for consecutive nights, when we announce that a server pop is going on ofc. What we would like to do is get a regular population going for at least 2 nights a week(Tuesday and Friday). As some of you may remember, NA1 used to be a place where people would just hang out and play the game, before and after events. It would go dead of course during the line battles with a few pubs keeping it decently populated, then it would get 150+ population again after events. So the idea, is that AFTER our events are over, we join into the server, just playing around and having fun, while still following server rules. So figure this would take place starting around 9:15 est, when the majority of NA events are finishing.


What: NA1 Server Revival
Where: NW_Official_NA1
When: 9:15 est every Tuesday/Friday after the line battles are over
Why: Have fun and populate a server that has been active and fun since the start of the NA NW community

Server Rules
Admin List
NA1 Revival Steam Group

Feel free to post how I/FSE can improve on the NA side of things around here.

-Be sure that any suggestion you make complies with forum rules

-Just because you post it here and I agree with you does not mean it will go through

North American NW Lists/News

Current Top 10 Melee List 1/12/16
1. RussianFury
2. Godfreid
3. AsianP
4. BillTheButcher
5. Cade
6. PJ
7. Anthony
8. Maccle
9. KnightOfStJohn
10. Theodin

Explanation: Each person contributes a top 10 list, the lists are combined using a points system, and the final results are calculated

*Created by AP0C, AsianP Godfreid, Orcaryo, and Theodin*

Current Top 10 Regiment List 1/22/16
1. 6teSLR
2. Nr8LG
3. 45e
4. 30th
5. 32e
6. 63e
8. Sil
9. 4th
10. AEF

North American All-Star Draft
Team 1:

Captain: AsianP

Co-Captains: Vortex, Superbad


First Round Pick: Tammo (1st Overall)
Second Round Pick: Godfreid (3rd Overall)
Third Round Pick: Swerp (5th Overall)
Fourth Round Pick: Puppytron (7th Overall)
Fifth Round Pick: Jorge (9th Overall)
Sixth Round Pick: Shinto (11th Overall)
Seventh Round Pick: Cade (13th Overall)
Eighth Round Pick: Theodin (15th Overall)
Ninth Round Pick: Waste (17th Overall)
Tenth Round Pick: Marksman (19th Overall)
Eleventh Round Pick: Winters (21st Overall)
Twelfth Round Pick: Glenn (23rd Overall)
Thirteenth Round Pick: Aurum (25th Overall)
Fourteenth Round Pick: Vader (27th Overall)
Fifteenth Round Pick: Risk (29th Overall)
Sixteenth Round Pick: Mrlovemaker (31st Overall)
Seventeenth Round Pick:
Eighteenth Round Pick:
Nineteenth Round Pick:
Twentieth Round Pick:
Team 2:

Captain: Alexander

Co-Captains: RussianFury, AP0CALYPSE


First Round Pick: PJ (2nd Overall)
Second Round Pick: BillTheButcher (4th Overall)
Third Round Pick: Runepkyz (6th Overall)
Fourth Round Pick: Maccle (8th Overall)
Fifth Round Pick: Fireboy (10th Overall)
Sixth Round Pick: Saltyy (12th Overall)
Seventh Round Pick: John Sanders (14th Overall)
Eighth Round Pick: Chev (16th Overall)
Ninth Round Pick: Orcaryo (18th Overall)
Tenth Round Pick: NickCole (20th Overall)
Eleventh Round Pick: Voodoo (22nd Overall)
Twelfth Round Pick: FancyPants (24th Overall)
Thirteenth Round Pick: DanTheChef (26th Overall)
Fourteenth Round Pick: Bauer (28th Overall)
Fifteenth Round Pick: CSDerp (30th Overall)
Sixteenth Round Pick:
Seventeenth Round Pick:
Eighteenth Round Pick:
Nineteenth Round Pick:
Twentieth Round Pick:

-Expect lists to be updated after weekly major tournaments/linebattles(Orcaryo's Tourny, Maccle's 2v2 Tourny, Dan's 2v2 Tourny, NANWL etc.)
-More lists to come
If you feel the need to complain about why you aren't on this list or something similar, do it through PM or steam

Events: NA / Orcaryo's Weekly Duel Tournament @9 PM EST every Sunday
« on: October 31, 2016, 05:31:00 am »
Orcaryo's Weekly Duel Tournament
@ 9PM Est every Sunday!

-The only thing you have to do is just add me on steam and let me know you wanna join the tourny and I will add you to the group
-Should a lot of players show up to make a duel tourny quite lengthy, I may change the tourny to group fighting for that night
-I won't hesitate to ban trolls on the spot, let this be your warning
-Weekly attendance is not required, this is supposed to be a relaxed tournament
-Bayonets only
-Tournaments will be bracket style, unless there is low attendance in which case they will be round robin
-Duels will be ft5, semis and finals will be ft7
-I will steam you the info 15 min before the tourny

-BillTheButcher x3 x1
-AsianP x1 x2
-Cade x1 x2
-Anthony x1
-Swift x1
-DasMark x1
-Kurskov x1
-Squirts x1
-Suns x1
-Knight of St. John x1
-Orcaryo x1
-Waste x1
-Gluk the Walrus
-Elgost Faust
-John Sanders
-The Marksman


Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Unban Request on NA1 Chaboy
« on: March 19, 2014, 02:33:31 am »
Doing this for a member of mine...

Name under which you were banned - IIte[2tes]Fus_Chaboy
Server(s) you are banned from: NA1
What was happening when you got banned: Spammed recruitment messages
Time and date: 3-18-14  9:30ish PM
Timezone: Est
User Identification Number* 662886

Off Topic / Robotics
« on: January 22, 2014, 02:50:29 am »
I find this to be really interesting, what about you guys? This looks like one of this careers that would take up a lot of time, but also be enjoyable.


Regiments / 2. Ostpreussisches Jäger-Bataillon [Recruiting] [NA]
« on: December 23, 2013, 12:10:32 am »

Formed from the Feldjägers taken prisoner during the 1806 campaign and returned by the French. They formed a new Jäger unit which was divided in 1809 into the Gardejäger (1st Battalion) and the Ostpreußisches Jägerbattalion (2nd Battalion). These men were given a total of 60 practice rounds per year, much more than line troops. At the time, there were a total of three jager and schutzen batallions:

  • Jagers(Guard Jager)
  • East Prussian Jagers(us)
  • Silesian Schutzen

In German language the word Jager means "hunter". In its original sense this is usually translated into English as "rifleman" (or "ranger" in US army). The Prussian Jägers of the Napoleonic Wars were armed with rifles, regular or as gifts from huntsmen and foresters, and "were always considered a crack formation." Some actually were huntsmen and foresters and experienced marksmen and experts at concealement in wooded area.
The Jagers were to the Prussians what the 95th Rifles were to the British. The main difference between the two units was the uniformity of weapons. The Prussians were unable to supply all their jagers and schutzen with regular rifles.
In 1815 additional battalion of jägers was raised from the Saxon Jäger Battalion, Saxon 'Volunteer Banners' and jäger company of Russo-German Legion. The Saxons however had little enthusiasm for the war in 1815 and serving in the Prussian army.

1. Do not retaliate. If somebody is teamhitting/teamkilling in an event or public server, do not fight back. Simply block and let an officer/admin know.
2. Respect everybody, whether they are in the regiment or not. Follow all server rules no matter how silly they sound.
3. Do not troll with our tags or anything associated with the 2te. We are not giving you permission to troll but, if you are going to troll, do it without 2te tags on.
4. Listen to all officers and NCO's
5. Be active and have fun! :D



PremierLeutnant- 1stLt(1st Lieutenant)

Secondelieutenant- 2ndLt(2nd Lieutenant)

Non-Commissioned Officers

Fähnrich- Fah (Ensign)

Feldwebel-Fw (Sergeant)                                                                                                                     

Korporal- Kpl


Oberjäger- ObJag (1st Rifleman)


Gefreiter-Gfr (Private First Class)

Füsilier-Fus (Private)


Officers: 2

Kapitan Orcaryo
PremierLeutnant Remred


Non-Commissioned Officers: 1

Feldwebel Rekrab
Enlisted: 23

OberJager Broyo
Jager AdmiralK
Gefreiter Dan Man
Gefreiter Info
Fusilier Cowkilla
Fusilier ButtScratcher
Fusilier atcir15
Fusilier Braibow
Fusilier anth
Rekrut Ser Fishy
Rekrut Pandoro
Rekrut Mandela
Rekrut PeecheQueen
Rekrut XeanPro
Rekrut DerpyDeenersaur
Rekrut Satan
Rekrut CappleCarrot
Rekrut Rico
Rekrut BlackDoe
Rekrut Garak
Rekrut Shank
Rekrut Dr Walrus
Rekrut Mr Walrus

Free day/Recruiting- Monday
Training- Tuesday 8:00 PM Est
Training- Wednesday 8:00 PM Est
Free day/Recruiting- Thursday
Thundersnow Linebattle- Friday 9:00 PM Est
N.A.C.E. Linebattle-Saturday 8:00 PM EST
IIte Sunday Event- Sunday 8:00 PM EST
*Note that any other day can be a random 1v1


If you would like to join, or want more info, please add me or my second on steam, submit the application below, or apply here!

What is your steam name?
What is your nationality?
How old are you?
Do you have Teamspeak 3?
Do you agree to follow the rules mentioned above?

Teamspeak:  Message me as to why you need it.

Thank you to Quantum Impulse Gaming for their really great and cheap server! Feel free to hop on and play with us.

Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Ban Request 75th_Pte_Sotu
« on: July 08, 2013, 04:24:34 am »
Name of the server you were on: NA1
Name of the person causing trouble: 75th_Pte_Sotu
Nature of their offense: Tking then leaving after many warnings, was going to temp him but he got away.
Time and date of their offense:Jul 7, 2013 @ 10:21ish pm EST
If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question: Tked
Any proof if you have it, For instance screenshots. (use spoilers!)

Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Ban Request Kocap/ Ban Request Oshea
« on: June 30, 2013, 07:42:14 pm »
Name of the server you were on:Na1
Name of the person causing trouble: Kocap
Nature of their offense:Tking then leaving before I could ban
Time and date of their offense: 6/30/13 1:40 P.M. EST
If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question. Witness
Any proof if you have it, For instance screenshots. (use spoilers!)

Name of the server you were on:Na1
Name of the person causing trouble: Oshea
Nature of their offense:Tking then leaving before I could Temp Ban
Time and date of their offense: 6/30/13 1:40 P.M. EST
If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question. Witness
Any proof if you have it, For instance screenshots. (use spoilers!)
The screen above is also for this request

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