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Events: EU / Re: ♞ Napoleonic Wars Cavalry Nations Cup 2017 ♞
« Last post by 4eClausewitz on Today at 10:20:11 pm »
Anyone from BNL there atm?

Clausewitz is gone 'till 20th (I think) and Lio‘s afk since beginning of the week.

I told you I won't have a PC to my disposal until at least the 20th since I'm at my dorm (hence why I said you should contact Lio about it). I have an incredibly busy week coming up with exams for university, so NW is not one of my priorities right now. With Lio being absent at the moment, I doubt this match will happen this week. Our match will most likely have to be played next week (during the weekend more likely than not) if all goes according to plan.
Ça faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas à faire une lb aussi intense, merci à vous !

On se revoit bientôt  ;D
Add our boyz Brandon and Jack to We are on a first name basis because we are superior in friendship to all other teams

(We are on a first name basis because we are superior in friendship to all other teams)

slob on a knob with a first name.
Regiments / Re: 105th Madras Light *Back Alive*
« Last post by NickCole on Today at 10:05:43 pm »
Good luck Welcome back!  ;D
The Mess Hall / Re: Football thread v.2
« Last post by 4eClausewitz on Today at 10:04:07 pm »

It's not that Ligue 1 is weak standalone, it's that Ligue 1 is weak when making a direct side-by-side comparison to La Liga.

I never disagreed with this - I disagree with the fact that you called it one of the world's easiest and least competitive leagues; which is something entirely different (and completely wrong to boot) to what you are saying now.

The simple fact is, there are more teams capable of beating giants in La Liga than there are in Ligue 1. It's objective. This means that, every season, Real and Barca are forced to compete to the highest degree in football and prove themselves on a nearly weekly basis. The ability to do this makes them the best teams in the world. In Ligue 1, however, the monopoly that PSG have over the league is evident and it means that they only really prove themselves in the UCL.

I think you're heavily overstating the quality of certain La Liga clubs when you say both Real Madrid and Barca are playing the best teams in the world on a nearly weekly basis. More often than not La Liga matches including either one of those teams are a one horse race, not entirely different to what PSG experiences in Ligue 1.

Let's not forget, this PSG side can't defend for shit.

Against a tougher opposition who isn't seriously out of form (like Bayern was), which is the scenario we expect Real to transform into by the round of 16, they'd have a tough time defending and their ability to take the game by the scruff of the neck like they are capable of doing against smaller Ligue 1 sides with far less resources and world-class players will most likely not appear.

They also beat this same Bayern Munich side with 3-0, this is just recency bias. There was also no way Bayern could overtake them for first place in the group, so I doubt this match is all that indicative of their ability to challenge a side like Real's. They have a total of 13 goals against them (with only Montpellier having less with 10) in the French league and only 4 in the Champions league, so saying that they can't defend for shit is objectively wrong. Does PSG have a relatively easy time (most of the time) in Ligue 1? Sure - but that doesn't take away the quality that that squad possesses.

The objective fact is, Real have held off or beaten big teams on a consistent basis over the season. This is a Real seriously out of form who we are all criticising, but at least they have shown us that they are still capable of getting one over the teams who actually pose a threat in the league. PSG, meanwhile, haven't. There isn't a team in Ligue 1 that comes near to the quality of the 4 teams I mentioned from La Liga. Compared to the strength of Spain, the French league is a 'mickey mouse' league and so we can't overly praise PSG when comparing them to Real because PSG have yet to prove they can hold off teams of Barcelona's/Valencia's calibre.

I'm not sure what you mean by PSG not being able to get one over on teams that pose a threat in the league: they have beaten both of their direct title contenders and drew with the current fourth place with a man down. La Liga's top 4 sides are arguably better than Ligue 1's, but with this same logic you can argue that any league not living up to the European success of Spanish sides is a Mickey Mouse league. Also bringing Valencia into the fold of one of the greats is crazy, considering their performances / financial issues / managerial choices (case in point: Gary Neville) have been nothing short of woeful these past few seasons. They are on a hot streak and are performing above their level at the moment, but they are in no way an absolute top Spanish side currently - they'll have to be more consistent to be able to claim that title.
Regiment Name: 8 Pułk Ułanów
Class you wish to play as: Light Infantry
Estimated Amount of players: 10
Steam URL of at least two contacts: and
Do you want to come weekly?: Yes
Events: NA / Re: 41e Sunday Siege Event [8pm EST] OPEN
« Last post by Conway on Today at 09:53:17 pm »
Last time I checked..the domain IP is toast. Might want to use the number IP. Anyway, Good Luck!
Yea, was still on the holdfast thread I took the format from lol, fixed now.
Community / Re: A PK's Work
« Last post by ~Midnight~ on Today at 09:52:09 pm »
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