Author Topic: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2  (Read 7912 times)

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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #225 on: February 12, 2018, 10:37:55 pm »
In my opinion it's not the best for things like linebattles, since if RNG decides you fall off your horse you're unlikely to get it back, and since there's no reliable way to furnish a new horse even if you don't die you're less than useful to the team afterwards.

The feature itself is neat.

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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #226 on: February 13, 2018, 10:47:43 am »
Hey guys.

I'm back from my holiday in Thailand so I have time to fix all the issues you guys are having.

After some research on my part, I know why melee can feel different compared to last patch, Taleworlds changed some things how melee input is handled by the server to fix a often reported bug.

The bug in question was that sometimes on your screen you are blocking for instance up or down, whilst on the server and other people's screens you are blocking in another direction, for instance to the side.
To fix this bug, Taleworlds changed the timings a bit so the server allows the client a bit more time to change his direction.

As a result things might seem a bit more delayed if you have a very low ping, if you have a higher or fluctuating ping, things will be much smoother for you. in any case, things don't react the same as before the patch, and so on.

So the solution is simple. your free to leave your opinions on it.

Should we revert this change, bringing back the sideblock bug, or should we keep things as they are now?

I think in general you guys probably already just got used to it, but your free to say your opinion.
Discuss what you want about it here and vote on it.

We might not do what the poll gives as a result, and make our own decision, but it can give some kind of indication.

The poll is here:
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Re: Developer Blog 28 - Napoleonic Wars Patch 1.2
« Reply #227 on: February 15, 2018, 04:08:21 am »
A common glitch or oversight used by cavalry players is the rearing their horse through the Ctrl + J hotkey. The result is an instantaneous stoppage of their horse in 0.0 seconds, no matter how fast the horse is moving. This is often used by players to instantly stop while moving to surprise their opponent and attack them, and is also often used by dragoons to stop and reload quickly. Not only does this defy the laws of physics and would be plainly impossible, but it would also launch the rider several meters into the air and possibly kill him or send him unconscious due to g-forces. The result is people bypassing the necessity to decelerate and instead going from 40mph to 0mph in zero seconds. The Ctrl + J hotkey was probably only thought of by the developers as an easter-egg type feature to be used for show, but they made the unfortunate oversight of not disabling its use while moving.

The simple solution is to disable Ctrl+J-ing while moving.