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The 5th Northumberland Fusiliers is an active, disciplined and militarily structured Napoleonic Wars regiment that finds pride in being a very active and experienced regiment. We have members of varying experience in our ranks, from the most seasoned veterans to the most fresh recruits. All are welcome to join the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers: inexperienced NW players will learn to hold their ground in melee quickly; veterans will be able to fight alongside other experienced players, teaching new members tricks and maybe even learning a thing or two themselves. In the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers you are rewarded for your actions. Show that you're skilled in melee, and you might be accepted into the competitive team. We aim to create a pleasant and comforting environment for each player in our regiment, to improve and develop together and not as individuals but as a cohesive group of players, because of this all events in the regiment are non-mandatory and we expect you to attend when you are able to but if you're just not feeling it one day it's completely fine. Show that you're a leader and perfect example of discipline, and you might become an NCO.

If you are interested in joining an active, disciplined and skilled regiment, enlist for service in the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers!

The regiment was originally part of the Dutch service and known as the Irish Regiment, or Viscount Clare's Regiment, under the command of Daniel O'Brien, 3rd Viscount Clare. In the following year the colonelcy passed to John Fenwick and the "Irish" designation was discontinued and the regiment was referred to as a "Holland Regiment". The regiment was transferred to the British Service on 5 June 1685, establishing its order of precedence as the 5th Regiment of the Line. Like most other regiments, it was known by the names of the colonels who successively commanded it at the time until it became the 5th Regiment of Foot in 1751. It took part in the Irish campaign of 1690–1691, and was present at the Battle of the Boyne, the Second Siege of Athlone and the 1691 Siege of Limerick. In 1692 the unit sailed for Flanders where they were to remain for five years. In 1695 they were part of the allied forces that recaptured Namur. With the ending of the war by the Treaty of Ryswick they returned to England in 1697.

In the American Revolution
The 5th left Monkstown, Ireland on 7 May 1774, for Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Their presence was necessary because of strong civil unrest in the area. Arriving in July, 1774 the 5th camped near the town. On 19 April 1775, the Light Infantry and Grenadier Companies participated in the march to Concord, and the resulting fighting at Lexington, Concord, and the march back to Boston. Casualties were five men killed, three officers and 15 men wounded, and one man captured. On 17 June 1775, after being under siege by American forces for two months, the regiment participated in the attack on the fortifications at Breed's Hill (the Battle of Bunker Hill).

After spending two months on board ship in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 5th sailed to New York to participate in the effort to capture the city from the Americans. They took part in the Battle of Long Island and the Battle of White Plains, the capture of Fort Washington, New York, the capture of Fort Lee, New Jersey. They then spent the winter of 1776-1777 quartered near New York City and were involved in skirmishes with the American forces. They were then part of Howe's campaign to capture Philadelphia, being engaged in the Battle of Brandywine Creek, where they broke the Continental Army's center at Chadds Ford, capturing 5 cannon. On the retreat through New Jersey, on 28 June 1778, the regiment was involved in the fighting at Monmouth Court House. While in New York, the 5th participated in several raids and skirmishes, including a raid on Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

They then embarked from New York on 3 November 1778, for the French West Indies, landing on 13 December 1778, on the island of Saint Lucia. The 5th was engaged with a small force of French and captured a four-cannon battery. On 18 December 1778, a force of 9,000 French troops landed on St. Lucia. The small British force of 1,400 men occupied a hill located on the neck of a peninsula. The French were fairly raw soldiers trained to fight in the classic European style of linear battles. The French advanced on the British force several times. The British, veterans of colonial fighting, inflicted a stinging defeat on the French. The French lost 400 killed and 1100 wounded to the British losses of 10 killed and 130 wounded, which included two officers from the 5th Foot.

After two years in the West Indies, the 5th Foot was sent to Ireland in December 1780. They were still in Ireland when hostilities between Great Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the former Colonies officially ended in 1783.

On 1 August 1782, all those regiments of the line that did not have a special title were given a county designation. The primary purpose was to improve recruiting, but no links were actually formed with the counties after which the regiments were named. The 5th became the "5th (Northumberland) Regiment of Foot": the county being chosen as a compliment to the colonel, Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland.

In the peninsula war the regiment embarked for Portugal in July 1808 for service in the Peninsula War. The regiment fought in the Battle of Roliça and the Battle of Vimeiro in August 1808, the Battle of Corunna in January 1809 and the Battle of Bussaco in September 1810. It earned the nicknames the "Old and Bold", "The Fighting Fifth" and also "Lord Wellington's Bodyguard". It formed part of a small force which beat off an overwhelming body of the enemy at El Boden in 1811, a performance which Wellington notified to the Army as a memorable example of what can be done by steadiness, discipline, and confidence. The regiment was in the 3rd Division, 2nd Brigade under command of Major General Charles Colville, consisting of the 1st/5th Regiment of Foot, 2nd/83rd Regiment of Foot, 2nd/87th Regiment of Foot and the 94th Regiment of Foot.

The regiment went on to fight at the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo in January 1812, the Battle of Badajoz in April 1812 and the Battle of Salamanca in July 1812 as well as the Battle of Vitoria in June 1813. It then pursued the French Army into France and saw action at the Battle of Nivelle in November 1813, the Battle of Orthez in February 1814 and the Battle of Toulouse in April 1814.

On 4 May 1836, the 5th became a fusilier regiment and was redesignated as the 5th (Northumberland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot:

The King has been pleased to command, that the 5th, or Northumberland, Regiment of Foot shall in future be equipped as a Fusilier Regiment, and be styled the 5th Regiment of Foot, or Northumberland Fusiliers.
The regiment, which was increased to two battalions in 1857, saw active service in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and the Second Anglo-Afghan War in 1880.

The regiment was not fundamentally affected by the Cardwell Reforms of the 1870s, which gave it a depot at Fenham Barracks in Newcastle upon Tyne from 1873, or by the Childers reforms of 1881 – as it already possessed two battalions, there was no need for it to amalgamate with another regiment. At the same time the existing militia and rifle volunteer units of the district became battalions of the regiment. Accordingly, on 1 July 1881 the Northumberland Fusiliers was formed as the county regiment of Northumberland.

Commissioned Officers
Colonel   Col
Lieutenant Colonel   Lt-Col
Major   Maj
Captain   Cpt
Lieutenant   Lt
Ensign   Ens
Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant-Major   Sjt-Maj
Colour-Serjeant   CSjt
Serjeant   Sjt
Corporal   Cpl
Enlisted Men
Lance-Corporal   LCpl
Kingsman   Kgm
Private   Pte
Recruit   Rec

Regimental Command
Col. Daniel Carrick

Recruit Company

Ens. Alexander Wood
Cpl. Ryan Davenport


LCpl. Julian Hunter
LCpl. William Gibson
Rec. William Aiken
Rec. Simon Ainsworth
Rec. Thomas Arnold
Rec. Arthur Battle
Rec. Caden Benson
Rec. Frederick Bradford
Rec. Richard Bright
Rec. Rogelio Bryan
Rec. Kevin Burnsley
Rec. Alexander Burke
Rec. Jeffrey Burns
Rec. Astor Callihan
Rec. Angus Campbell
Rec. John Campbell
Rec. Reginald Church
Rec. Arthur Coleman
Rec. William Collins
Rec. Leon Crosby
Rec. Sam Curtis
Rec. Aiden Dean
Rec. Eric Finch
Rec. Colin Fletcher
Rec. Rodney Fletcher
Rec. Phillip Flowers
Rec. Jonathan Foster
Rec. Rose Gibson
Rec. Hector Grant
Rec. James Grey
Rec. James Green
Rec. William Hale
Rec. Preston Hammond
Rec. Robert Hansen
Rec. James Hart
Rec. William Hennessy
Rec. Leonard Holland
Rec. Luke Holland
Rec. Alan Horton
Rec. Steve Huxley
Rec. Terrence Jefferson
Rec. Brad Jenkins
Rec. David Johnson
Rec. William Johnson
Rec. Connor Jones
Rec. Alexander Lloyd
Rec. Carl Luna
Rec. Adam MacAlister
Rec. Cameron MacDonald
Rec. Joseph MacKenzie
Rec. Christopher Marshall
Rec. Jesse Marshall
Rec. Horace Mclean
Rec. Robert Miller
Rec. Robert Mills
Rec. Terrence Noble
Rec. Peter O'Block
Rec. Eric Peterson
Rec. Thomas Picton
Rec. Richard Ray
Rec. Jake Rees
Rec. Raymond Reeves
Rec. Shane Reid
Rec. Phillip Rich
Rec. George Richards
Rec. Mark Richards
Rec. Callum Ross
Rec. Joseph Samson
Rec. Scott Saunders
Rec. Martin Savage
Rec. Wilson Shields
Rec. Adam Smith
Rec. Alexander Smith
Rec. Toby Smith
Rec. Keith Tanner
Rec. George Taylor
Rec. Richard Thomas
Rec. Simon Turner
Rec. Kirk Tyson
Rec. Lucas Vicker
Rec. Lewis Waters
Rec. Aidan Williams
Rec. Archibald Williams
Rec. Troy Witt
Rec. Fergus Young

87 Members

Centre Company

Maj. Conall ONeill
Sjt-Maj. George Thatcher
Cpl. Daniel Mann


Kgm. Issac Hopskin
Pte. William Anderson
Pte. Jacob Black
Pte. Greggory Brennan
Pte. Francis Collier
Pte. James Delaney
Pte. John Gibson
Pte. Alexander Horne
Pte. Michael Hunt
Pte. Mates Johnson
Pte. David Lee
Pte. Wallace Lynch
Pte. Stuart MacDonald
Pte. Blake Malone
Pte. Alexander Mason
Pte. Thomas McGuire
Pte. Edward Mercer
Pte. John Miller
Pte. Kevin Owens
Pte. Harry Robertson
Pte. Michael Skinner
Pte. Donald Stark
Pte. Edward Turner
Pte. John Watkins
Pte. Nathaniel Wiley
Pte. Dean Wilkerson
Pte. Josh Wood
Pte. William Woods
Pte. Christian York

32 Members

Grenadier Company

Lt. Matthew Taylor
CSjt. Arthur Jones
Sjt. Donald Witt


LCpl. Adam Cowen
Kgm. Brandon Betts
Kgm. Morris Brown
Kgm. John Doe
Kgm. Eadie Enfield
Kgm. Robert Gibson
Kgm. Nicholas Hicks
Kgm. William Monroe
Kgm. Joel Storm
Kgm. Luke Wellington
Kgm. Jonathan Winters
Pte. Aaron Carpenter
Pte. Peter Carr
Pte. John Carrick
Pte. James Cook
Pte. Tyson Dale
Pte. William Erskine
Pte. Kenneth Gaines
Pte. Thomas Hart
Pte. Matthew Jones
Pte. Felix Martin
Pte. Theodore McCullough
Pte. Ryan McKay
Pte. Dexter Morgan
Pte. David Robinson
Pte. Allen Smith
Pte. John Smith
Pte. James Sterling
Pte. James Tucker

32 Members

Artillery Company

BSjt. Nicholas Goodwin
LCpl. Lawrence Rowe
Kgm. Howard McLaughlin
Pte. Angus Huxley
Pte. Isaac McCoy
Pte. Nicholas Montgomery
Pte. Jaime Shelton
Pte. Henry Vicker
Pte. Mark Whitfield

9 Members

Reserve Company

Pte. Alexander Carey
Pte. James MacTavish
Pte. Uther McGregor
Pte. George Strong

4 Members


Total Strength: 165

About 60 of us on 28th of January 2018
A line of Bagpipers and Highlanders
The 5th during dismissals
Lined up and ready to go
5th Engineer Corps
Battle of the Hill
Advancing to the Enemy
Fighting in the Snow
Before the assault

Wins: 6
Draws: 0
Losses: 0





Credit to Knightmare for the main Header
Credit to Blaze for the Sub-Headers
Credit to the 4e Hussards for the flag icons

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Good Luck

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im actually iranian, let's make a team knight

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Best o' luck

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Good luck

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Good luck !

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Best of luck. Nice name. ;p

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Good Luck :)

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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yeah bois

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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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Re: 5th "Northumberland" Regiment of Foot [Recruiting EU]
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