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It's the end of an era, and I was glad to be a part of what may be the last NANWL season.
I will die before nanwl stops
Events: EU / Re: NWWC 2017
« Last post by Salakien on Today at 10:19:21 pm »
i love you guys (for those gifs) #NoHomo
thank you all for good lucks and i wish your regiment a good luck as well  (i hate the 63e)
Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Re: Unban Request
« Last post by Thunderstormer on Today at 10:12:11 pm »
go here and do what they say to be unbanned.
god damn, Anthony is smart, he was able to get the shit AEF to tie with the best reg in the game. The tactical geniusness needed to pull off such a feat is insane. He's the Erwin Rommel of NW.
AEF didn't tie us tho we beat them 9-1 with me leading  ::)

And 3e 9-1 Nr8, so we beat everyone by default  :P
so are you telling me I should hill camp now?
Pioneer tactics*
Technical Support / Re: Strange Lag Problem
« Last post by Sturk on Today at 10:09:49 pm »
It randomly fixed after a month for me.. But yeah it's fucking annoying, unlucky mate.
Groupfighting Teams / Re: ℬlademasters *smirks* NWWC 2020
« Last post by Lawbringer on Today at 10:09:02 pm »
Best of luck in your travels, Blade Ryujehong. May you return more powerful than ever to usher us in a new golden age.
Regiments / Re: ♞ 10th Regiment of Hussars [EU] (Recruiting!)
« Last post by Nerza on Today at 10:08:59 pm »
17 men attendance tonight and victory 8-2 against the 9eBis, enjoyable 1v1 !

Also, the regiment has now 2 new Corporals for an unlimited test period.
So congratulations to The Hussar and Reuben for those promotions !

Now, some fancy screens taken by Rhen and myself  ;D


The Mess Hall / Re: How famous is the person above you? Mk. 2
« Last post by NiPhix on Today at 10:05:47 pm »
One of the most friendliest people around here. Always wants to help other people out when asked. Always friendly when you want to have a chat with him. 10/10 great guy.
Events: EU / Re: NWWC 2017
« Last post by Max1muS on Today at 10:04:59 pm »
14 - 6

Ukraine - Poland

Good Match, first rounds were really good, but Poland somehow stopped after the 8th or 9th round and lost it. Still a enjoyable match, gg to both sides.
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