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Off Topic / Re: Bundespolitik Thread
« Last post by Fairas on Today at 06:10:04 pm »
Könnt ihr das auch in einfachen Worten erklären ohne dass ich mir das englischsprachige Video anschauen muss?

Um der These zu widersprechen müsste man zunächst die Existenz eines Konflikts zwischen Reich und Arm abstreiten.
He's an assassin, its his job to do that. You, however, should have gotten top player damage as mage.

Going off of these stats and how I've seen you play in game, lawb would rape you risk. Sorry

lmao Izinami is a hunter, Liquid you don't even know the game. also they surrendered at 10 min because Lawbringer ran to their phoenix and 1v3'd them which was actually pretty good. That's why he has 8k player damage at 10min. Those guys were really bad lol
Events: EU / Re: ♞ Napoleonic Wars Cavalry Nations Cup 2017 ♞
« Last post by BONGOMEN02 on Today at 05:34:14 pm »
Application for Team Player,
Your Name:Alexander
Your Steam Name (please give a link):
Your Nation:Germany
3 days until the Sunday event with our new host!! Who is excited??
3 more days until the Sunday linebattle with our new Hosts!! Whos excited??
Regiments / Re: 78th Regiment of Foot - The Ross-shire Buffs
« Last post by Normanguy on Today at 05:16:04 pm »
noname man best centre player world and u put him on the flank, he doesnt deserve this
+ all the 1's
How is that racist?
Events: EU / Re: ♞ Napoleonic Wars Cavalry Nations Cup 2017 ♞
« Last post by Skittles on Today at 05:12:26 pm »
Application for Team Captain
Your Name: Skittles
Your Steam Name (please give a link):
Your Nation: United Kingdom
Why you should be Captain (a long answer would be better):

Played cavalry competitively for years, including the year United Kingdom won this competition.  So basically put...  I am funny, handsome, and everyone pretty much wants to be my friend and stuff soooo, yeah, make me Captain.  Make UK great again :)
Servers / Re: ♞Cavalry Groupfight Server - EU
« Last post by Kanade Tachibana on Today at 05:05:46 pm »
New thread soon (link will be provided then)
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